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Who is Bryan Miles?

Bryan Miles is an ordinary person with extraordinary skills.

He has studied the mysteries of the human mind through Illusion, Mentalism, Magic, Hypnosis and recreating Psychic Ability – but at no point does he ever try to convince anyone of anything. Whether he is extracting people’s inner most thoughts or controlling their behaviour – his shows will keep you questioning the potential of the human mind!

Meet Bryan Miles – a performer who is trained in the art of thought deception. Bryan has performed across the globe, from London to New York, for movie stars and celebrities. His act is unequaled and he is currently one of South Africa’s most in-demand entertainers.

Bryan can seemingly influence and predict human behaviours. By using his skillset of magic, suggestion and psychology – he is able to theatrically manipulate your perception of the world.

Bryan reads thoughts, predicts seemingly impossible events and ultimately makes the impossible possible. Whether he is focusing on the name of someone you merely thought of, or impossibly predicting what you will do next – his award-winning abilities are without compare.

Bryan’s blend of talent and humour creates a relaxed and fun, yet stimulating and thought-provoking experience for participants as well as members of the audience. This is mind control on a whole new level …

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Top-class entertainment for 5 to 5000

Performance Options

Stage, Close-up & MC …

“MIND CONTROL” is the stage performance that has taken Bryan Miles around the world – and made him two-time special guest artist at the famed Magic Castle in Los Angeles – the only South African performer to do so. One of the most incredible live entertainment acts of its kind in the country, Bryan Miles is a master of the wicked manipulation of the mind!

The performance combines incredible mind control, deception and impossible demonstrations – high octane entertainment that will leave audiences reeling. Imagine your guests’ amazement when Bryan Miles extracts their inner most secrets … predicting their every thought! His performance is guaranteed to keep you questioning the potential of the human mind – an astounding array of skills including psychology, influence, illusion, ESP and the sheer power of suggestion.

Every year, hundreds of corporates across the country rely on Bryan Miles to deliver maximum amazement. You’ll leave speechless, bewildered, laughing and raving about the show for many months to come – the experience defies explanation. This is mind control on a whole new level!

In addition to the stage performance – Bryan Miles also offers a more flexible intimate CLOSE-UP EXPERIENCE where the impossible happens in the spectators hands. Ideal for walk-around– during cocktails or at the dinner table – this intimate performance creates the same impossible reactions … leaving guests dumbstruck. This intimate style of performance is an ideal ice-breaker. Bryan mingles with your guests, spending time at each and every table, then draws them in for an extraordinary encounter with the unbelievable …

You need your MC to be professional and articulate. You want your MC to be entertaining and engaging. Bryan Miles offers this and so much more. Regarded as one of SA’s top MC’s – Bryan will ensure that your event program runs effortlessly and on time. Fusing incredible demonstrations of mind-control – Bryan keeps your audience engaged and focused from the first speaker to the last. Your audience remains energised and enthused throughout your event. An unexpected delay in proceedings ? Rest easy as Bryan has the ability to seamlessly cover any gap with an impromptu performance of the impossible as only a showman can do. His wealth of experience and exposure to a wide range of industries makes him an ideal and consummate MC … highlighting your event message and theme in the most unforgettable way.

Every second of every minute we think. Every thought results in an action. Every action results in a reaction. Meet mentalist Bryan Miles, the man who can not only predict what you are going to think before you think it, but uses his extraordinary abilities to influence the way you think. He describes his art as a combination of skills including psychology, magic, non-verbal communication and the power of influence and suggestion. And now it’s your turn to learn some of the techniques behind performing the impossible as Bryan Miles pulls back the curtain and shares some of the secrets of the professional deceptionist in ‘Mindreading for Business’

This exciting workshop shares techniques and strategies that are applicable to all areas of business life – with attendees learning first hand some incredible demonstrations that they will be able to use with colleagues & friends– and can be issued with optional special equipment as a take home gift of the day’s events …

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Bryan Miles with some of the celebrities from his SABC 3 TV show – “One Day”!  

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"Amazing show - he had staff and clients alike in the palm of his hand!"


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